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Two small and very different towns

With San José Del Cabo to the northeast, and  Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip... these cities bracket a twenty-mile seacoast called "Corrido". It's home to a range of elegant hotels, a collection of championship golf courses that combine the green velvet-in-a-desert look of Arizona linked with the oceanfront challenges of Pebble Beach. 

Picturesque and historic - San José Del Cabo still looks like the 18th Century mission town it once was. Cabo San Lucas is where the Pacific meets the (home of world-class Marlin fishing) Sea of Cortés at a natural stone arch. Thriving around the clock with shops, restaurants, nightclubs, the Marina, and of course mariachis. All along the highway of the cities and everywhere between them are places to stay that suit and fit most budgets.

Los Cabos is at the southern tip of Mexico’s 'Baja California' peninsula. If traveling by air across the Sea of Cortés (which separates Baja from the rest of Mexico) the traveler sees firsthand contrast: mountain peaks of the Sierra de la Laguna that form a backdrop to miles of golden beach, blue water and dramatic red rock formations. On land is miles of saguaro cactus, palm trees, and cultivated gardens that cover pale sand desert landscape.

Cabo San Lucas is best identified by the image of the world famous rock arch formation "El Arco" where the Pacific meets the warm water of the Sea of Cortes.

Like most of its hotels, Cabo San Lucas or “Los Cabos” which was recently named; means “The Capes”.

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